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Matty Costello

Head Coach

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Matty Costello is a highly experienced coach and programming expert in the areas of Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, and Strongman.

Matty has competed in both Powerlifting and Strongman at an international level and has first hand experience of weight loss through his own fitness journey. He coaches athletes of all levels from various sports including Powerlifting, GAA, Rubgy and Strongman. Matty is currently the coach for Liam Mellows GAA Hurling.

Leading by example, here are Coach Mattys personal achievements to date:

Powerlifting: 300/182.5/280 (Raw)

First Junior in Irish History to break 300kg squat barrier


Deadlift-320kg Axle Press-135kg Log Press-135kg strict press

*105 Europes Strongest Man Competitor

*No.1 ranked U105 Strongman in the Republic of Ireland

*2nd Strongest Man in Ireland U110kg