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Matty Costello

Head Coach

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Matty Costello is a highly experienced coach and programming expert in the areas of Powerlifting, strongman and strongwoman.

He currently trains some of the strongest and most rounded strength athletes in the country. Matty runs most of the classes here in Galway Strength and Performance and is a dedicated strength athlete himself.

Matty has competed in both Powerlifting and Strongman at an international level and has first hand experience of weight loss through his own fitness journey.

Ayshea Ullah has been strength training for the past (almost) 6 years and competing for the past 5 years .
She initially started out doing Crossfit which led her into Powerlifting and then into Strongwoman. She played sport at school and tried to remain as active as possible after leaving school, eventually starting taekwondo in her mid twenties which I kept up until her early 30s. She initially lifted with the IDFPA. During those 2 years she broke many national and international records.

So to give you guys an idea of what our coaches are capable of, here is a list of their lifters achievements to date, as well as their own……

In powerlifting:

Currently coaching some of the strongest males and females in the country. With members holding national and international records across several federations, and also coached the 2 Heaviest raw female squats in Irish History. For 2017, five males in the top 10 and 8 out of the ranked top 10 females in AIPO rankings (raw classic & raw), 4 of the women have a wilks of over 400 and sit at the top of the AIPO all time rankings, all were coached and programmed by him to this level.

In Strongman/woman:

Coached 2016 Irelands Strongest Woman Olivia Lane to compete at World’s Strongest Woman and who also held the heaviest (open) Irish female deadlift (strongwoman rules) at 500lbs or 227.5kg as a junior.

Coaching 2017 Irelands strongest woman Ayshea Ullah who was invited to and competed at World’s strongest woman 2017 and holds the heaviest (open) Irish female log lift @80kg and now holds the Irish strongwoman deadlift record at (strongwoman rules) 230kg

Coached Irelands strongest woman competitor (-64kg) Michelle Guthrie to win her category and who also holds the heaviest Irish Strongwoman deadlift in her category @160kg and log record at 61kg. Michelle also qualified and competed at 2017 worlds strongest woman.

Matty has also helped various other strongmen and women throughout 2016 and 2017 and will continue to share his knowledge throughout the years.

Leading by example, here are Coach Mattys personal achievements to date:

Powerlifting: 300/182.5/280 (Raw)

First Junior in Irish History to break 300kg squat barrier


Deadlift-320kg Axle Press-135kg Log Press-135kg strict press

*105 Europes Strongest Man Competitor

*No.1 ranked U105 Strongman in the Republic of Ireland

*2nd Strongest Man in Ireland U110kg

Aysheas achievements include:

  • The first woman in Ireland to squat and deadlift 200kg in a tested federation, she has gone on to break those record several times over.
  • 3x irelands strongest woman
  • 2nd strongest woman in Britain 2018
  • Ranked no1 female lifter in AIPO with highest wilks.
  • Heaviest raw squat (230)and deadlift (220) and biggest total 540 in Irish history in a tested federation.
  • Irish Strongwoman records in the log, axel, deadlift and stones