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Mary Diskin Forde

Mary Diskin Forde

Everyday people reaping the benefits of strength & conditioning!

I joined galway strength and performance 2 months ago.Well actually I won a Facebook competition and never thought I would win and wham I was the winner!I thought to myself lets give this a shot…

Being a mom to 2 kids under 3 and working full time I thought sure where would i get the time to train etc…The fact is,you set aside the time to train and let off some steam.

I must admit on my first night I was extremely nervous and was afraid mainly of making a fool of myself. However I didn’t need to worry as Matty the owner and trainer was so friendly and put my mind at ease. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field of training and never once made me feel stupid.

My first session was mainly focused on assessing my level of fitness and familiarising me with the various weights etc. A plan was devised and over the last few weeks weights have increased techniques have improved and I myself feel fitter and more flexible and a dodgy leg problem has resolved.

If you want a gym that is welcoming and fun to be a part of then look no further. I cant recommend this place enough. Matty is superb at what he does and he has a serious gra for the gym and its members. Everyone is welcoming and willing to help each other if needed… There is no intimidation and the whole environment is comfortable.

It has changed me for the better so what are you waiting for… give matty a shout.