Somewhere for everyone to keep up to date with Ireland’s current strongman records!

Please remember guys that the records are updated based upon information fedback to us from competition promoters and athletes so if there is a mistake please do not get angry or make complaints, simply inform us and we will get it updated. Updates could take up to a week to be completed.



Open – 430kg (James Hickey)

U105kg – 385kg (Matthew McKeegan)

U90kg – 340kg (Mark Burke)

U80kg – 321kg (Mark Burke)


Open – 245kg (Ayshea Ullah)

U82kg – 185kg (Deloras McGuckin)

U64kg – 190kg (Michelle Gutrie)

Log Press


Open –  200kg (Michael Downey)

U105kg – 153kg (Matthew McKeegan)

U90kg – 145kg (Angelo Iannetta)

U80kg – 110kg (Bobby St Ledger + Mark Burke)


Open – 88kg (Ayshea Ullah)

U82kg – 60kg (Bronach Maguire)

U64kg – 65kg (Michelle Gutrie)

Axle Press


Open –  181kg (Michael Downey)

U105kg – 160kg (Pearse O’Kane + Vaidotas Siurna)

U90kg – 122.5kg (Davy Wallace)

U80kg – 116kg (Mark Burke)


Open – 80kg (Ayshea Ullah)

U82kg – 70kg (Jessica Cosgrove)

U64kg – 60kg (Michelle Gutrie)