Strength Training 101 Ebook



Strength Training 101 is a 40+ page covering the essentials of strength training for beginner and intermediate lifters. This ebook contains nutrition advice, exercise guides, training programs and much more.

Ebook can be downloaded immediately after purchase, a copy will also be sent to your email address.

Table of Contents

About Us 3
Introduction 6
What’s really important 8
The key to getting stronger 9
Nutrition 10
Exercise Guide 15
Squat 16
Deadlift 19
Bench Press 21
Military Press 23
Row Exercises 24
Single Leg Exercises 25
Posterior Chain Exercises 27
Rear Delt Exercises 28
More advice 29
Mobility and flexibility training 31
Training Programs 34
Warm Up 34
Beginner Powerlifting Program 35
Intermediate Powerlifting Program 38


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