Unlimited Classes Membership

40.00 / month


Fast Fit

Get your HIIT with Fast Fit.. Classes comprise of 4 different structures that can be completed in under 40mins. Fitting in perfectly with your lunchtime break and for busy people who want to get an exercise class in but dont have time before or after work. 3 classes a week with no class being identical will keep it fresh and your body guessing. Adaptable for all levels.

Learn to Lift

We also run learn to lift which is the perfect opportunity for those who may not feel confident to just jump into classes or a more advanced programme, although the classes caters for all levels of ability! During learn to lift you will learn how to squat, press and deadlift which are the fundamental movement patterns that are used in most exercises.

See timetable above!



Drop in: €8 per class

Pay by week: €15

Monthly: See subscription above


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