An argument for not training like Eddie Hall

Something I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot recently is that people are basing a good bit of their training technique or habits off of what Eddie Hall used to do, especially amongst the younger guy’s. The biggest thing I see is that (in particular) a lot of young strongmen want to train beltless to […]

Strongman training on a budget in a commercial gym

In the last month or so I’ve taken on a handful of new online athletes that are dedicated to strongman and fairly new to the sport and the main issue they have is basically no regular access to strongman equipment, typically all they have are barbells, racks and some machines. My advice to them (if […]

Our 3 favourite squat variations

Adding in variations of the squat, bench press and deadlift can be useful for targeting specific weaknesses, training around injuries and keeping training interesting. The front squat, safety squat bar squat and pause squat are three squat variations we use a lot in our gym. We mostly use a variation squat of the squat as […]

The difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced programs! .

What you’re looking at here is the difference between a beginner, intermediate and competitive lifters program at the 3 week mark on a squat day. As you can see from the photo some of the biggest differences come in the form of volume. Beginners are doing 4×5( 20 total reps) on squats with no weight […]

Meet the coach: Ayshea Ullah

My name is Ayshea Ullah and I have been strength training for the past (almost) 6 years and competing for the past 5 years .I initially started out doing Crossfit which led me into Powerlifting and then into Strongwoman. I didn’t envisage that I’d ever be as successful a strength athlete as I have become […]

How to improve your loading medley

With the loading medley it can be difficult to improve your speed carrying heavy implements. One common mistake I see people make is walking/ jogging back to implements rather than sprinting. By sprinting you can take 3-4 seconds off your time over jogging on a 20 metre course. This can lead to a massive performance […]

Train what you’re bad at, not what you’re good at

A lot of people focus their training on the exercises that they like and are strong at. It’s important to incorporate some of the exercises that you do not like. If you are bad at a exercise, e.g. a front squat or incline press, look at what is making you bad that exercise and find […]

Improving your leg drive for pressing

  A common problem I see with peoples leg drive for overhead pressing is their heels coming off the floor as they dip and them tipping forward, this leads to them pressing the bar in front of them rather than overhead. One way of fixing this is to widen your stance, point your toes out […]

How to peak for a 5rm

This post goes through how to set up an 8 week training cycle to peak an exercise for a 5 rep max. We generally divide our training into 4 day Upper/Lower body split so 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. On the first upper body day we would work on some of […]

Front Squats for Strongman

The front squat is my favourite squat variation for strongman and it can be done very easily in a commercial gym. A regular front squat with a barbell transfers over to all overhead movements, helps with stones and other loading events. It also carries over to side handle car deadlift. Anyone that has done a […]