My top 3 resources for easy to digest and reliable content on youtube

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During this Covid-19 pandemic that we all still find ourselves in, I’ve had a lot of time to read and research, during my research I’ve come across a crazy amount of poor information and sometimes the good information can be hard to follow if you don’t understand the jargon and its fair enough not to […]

Milo and the Bull-The female Twist by Ayshea Ullah

For those of you who do not know the original story of Milo of Croton or Milo and the calf let me tell you a story…are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin… “There is evidence of weight training even in ancient Greece, where Milo of Croton was perhaps the first strength athlete to gain renown for his […]

How to get back into training after Covid19

There are going to be two types of people returning to the gym after the lockdown the people that have done nothing to maintain some kind of strength or conditioning, and the people that have done what they can to keep training during the lockdown (even training hard with bodyweight workouts will do a lot […]

How to make exercises more difficult

Basically everyone has to improvise their training at the moment. The biggest issue most people will face is not having anywhere near the normal amount of weights available to them that they usually do. There followed methods that can be used to make exercises a lot more difficult, this may be especially useful when working […]

Basic barbell workouts

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During this covid-19 outbreak we see a lot of people putting out content about training from home. Many, including myself have put out bodyweight, banded and/or kettlebell home training content but what about the athletes out there with a barbell and some plates available but no bench or squat rack. In today’s article I’m going […]

Lockdown/Quarantine/Covid-19 bodyweight training for athletes

So all gyms have closed, all training and sporting events have been cancelled, even parks where you could do some pull ups off a monkey bar are closed and you have no equipment whatsoever! What now? Sit on your lazy hole and do nothing for the next 2 weeks (minimum, realistically lockdown will probably go […]

In-Season Maintenance for GAA

It is far to common for GAA players to stop doing s+c when in season but for the love of god don’t stop doing it when your In-Season, it is very, very easy and important to maintain a decent level of strength. There is no point putting all that time and effort into off and […]

Tyson Fury- Motivation and Mental Health

I came across this motivational video on youtube via a podcast a couple of weeks back and was so moved by it that I have listened to it several times since. It made me look at Tyson Fury in a whole different light, reminding me that no one truly knows what goes on in people’s […]

Surviving Xmas..a few tips!

 Xmas Tips So the festive season is in full swing now, this day week is Xmas day lads!!! For a lot of us this is a time of year where we generally over indulge and become big old gluttons. Excess food and alcohol, late nights, couch potatoing and generally doing shag all is quite the […]

I don’t want to get bulky..

So todays post is debunking the myth that “lifting makes women bulky” It is and always has been a complete load of balls that women get bulky from lifting…we get bulky from over eating, consistent poor diet choices…similarly we remain bulky from the same and in some cases under eating/ inconsistent eating…but that’s a whole […]