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Galway Strength and Performance is the home of Galway Powerlifting, with many of the country’s best lifters training here.Established in 2016 after a small group of lifters came together to support each other and get stronger together.

It is by far the strongest gym in the West and one of the strongest in the country.
Coached and programmed under the watchful eye of Coach Matty Costello and assistant coach Ayshea Ullah, the team of lifters here have dedicated individuals with their own proven track record of achievements and that’s before you get to the list of achievements of the lifters!

The club is slowly growing in numbers as the sport has seen a surge of interest over the past couple of years… but do you have what it takes to become not only a stronger version of you but also a member of this team??
Come along and find out!

We have all the equipment that a powerlifter needs, including a monolift (the only one in Galway City) competition plates, comp benches, comp bars and speciality bars.
Coach Matty Costello assisted by Ayshea Ullah are on hand to help you achieve your goals as a competitive powerlifter.


Strongman Club

We are also the only strongman club in Galway and although there are only a few of us competing in strongman at the moment the powerlifters have seen the benefits of training elements of strongman.
If you are interested in Strongman/Strongwoman the this is the only place to come!!
We have atlas stones ranging 40kg-150kg, super yolk, car deadlift frame, farmers, loadable hussafel and various overhead implements.

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