Lockdown/Quarantine/Covid-19 bodyweight training for athletes

So all gyms have closed, all training and sporting events have been cancelled, even parks where you could do some pull ups off a monkey bar are closed and you have no equipment whatsoever! What now? Sit on your lazy hole and do nothing for the next 2 weeks (minimum, realistically lockdown will probably go […]

In-Season Maintenance for GAA

It is far to common for GAA players to stop doing s+c when in season but for the love of god don’t stop doing it when your In-Season, it is very, very easy and important to maintain a decent level of strength. There is no point putting all that time and effort into off and […]

Strongman training on a budget in a commercial gym

In the last month or so I’ve taken on a handful of new online athletes that are dedicated to strongman and fairly new to the sport and the main issue they have is basically no regular access to strongman equipment, typically all they have are barbells, racks and some machines. My advice to them (if […]

Train what you’re bad at, not what you’re good at

A lot of people focus their training on the exercises that they like and are strong at. It’s important to incorporate some of the exercises that you do not like. If you are bad at a exercise, e.g. a front squat or incline press, look at what is making you bad that exercise and find […]

How to peak for a 5rm

This post goes through how to set up an 8 week training cycle to peak an exercise for a 5 rep max. We generally divide our training into 4 day Upper/Lower body split so 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. On the first upper body day we would work on some of […]

The key to getting stronger

Long term progress and training for smaller gains is often overlooked by young or inexperienced lifters. Too often people aim for 5 or 10kg gains every training cycle and push their body to their limits in order to meet their goals. This may work in the short-term but you will quickly find yourself getting injured.

Tapering deadlifts for a competition

The importance of building up to your heavy lifts in training over weeks and months then backing off at the right time and tapering into a competition can often separate winners from losers. So often I see people doing a huge grinding deadlift in training a week out from competition and can nearly be certain […]

Training the farmers walk

The Farmers Walk predominantly works the: Upper back and traps Grip strength Core Unilateral leg strength Stability We train the farmers carry just like any other lift. If your max farmers carry is 100kg for 15 metres then you can train it similarly to how you would train using percentages for a 1RM. For example, […]

3 cues for a better squat

1: Screw the floor: Try to externally rotate your leg without changing your foots position on the floor, you should feel it in your glutes before squatting if you’re doing it properly 2: Brace the core: A strong core is key to every lift, make sure you breathe into your stomach and not your chest. […]

How we warm up

Why we warm up with Goblet Squats, KB swings and Band Pull Aparts For the most part your typical gym goer will walk into the gym and begin warming up with an empty bar of the movement they are doing that day. These people will typically end up getting injured down the line if they […]