The key to getting stronger

Long term progress and training for smaller gains is often overlooked by young or inexperienced lifters. Too often people aim for 5 or 10kg gains every training cycle and push their body to their limits in order to meet their goals. This may work in the short-term but you will quickly find yourself getting injured.

Top 3 tips for recovery

1. Eat enough calories/ make good food choices. Eating enough healthy foods will have a massive impact on your recovery. Favour quality foods like steak and rice rather than a load of high calorie junk foods⠀

How we warm up

Why we warm up with Goblet Squats, KB swings and Band Pull Aparts For the most part your typical gym goer will walk into the gym and begin warming up with an empty bar of the movement they are doing that day. These people will typically end up getting injured down the line if they […]

CBD (Oil) and me

Ok, so I’m not a fan of supplements. Ideally if you are eating healthy food in quantities that are reflective of your goals (Weight loss/gain/maintain) then you shouldn’t need to supplement. However, there are the odd exceptions to the rule and although it’s not a nutritional supplement, one of my exceptions is CBD oil. Those […]