Training Weakpoints: Squat

We use the back squat or a variation (front squat, safety squat bar squat) as the main exercise on our squat days. They are followed by an assistance exercise to target a specific weak point that a lifter has. The remaining exercises are accessory exercises, used to build muscle in the legs and develop single […]

Why we use percentages in our training

Most training programs available online will give some simple progression from week to week such as 3 x 12 in one week and 3 x 10 the following week. Progressions like these do not give you any real idea of what weight you should be using. Basing the weights you use off a percentage of […]

How to get your upper back tight for deadlifts

Not getting your upper back tight enough is a common mistake in the deadlift. Starting the deadlift with a rounded back can make it more difficult to lock out and also increases the risk of injury 2 cues to help you tighten your upper back are: – tuck your shoulder blades into your back pockets […]

Common mistakes in the squat, bench and deadlift

5 Common Squat Mistakes Setting the rack too high Doing too many mobility exercises Walking the bar forward out of the rack Not tucking your elbows Not getting a tight upper back 5 Common Bench Mistakes Not getting tight Pushing elbows wide like a bodybuilder No leg drive Setting the rack too low Not keeping […]

How to set up for the bench press

Not getting tight enough is one of the most common mistakes in the bench press. Getting tight will help you build a stable base for the lift which will help you lift more weight and reduce the risk of injury. 4 tips – begin your setup with your chest underneath the bar – set your […]

10 Week Intermediate Powerlifting Program

Our Intermediate Powerlifting program is one of the most popular programs in our gym. It focuses on building  strength in the squat, bench, and deadlift. For pause squats and bench press, pause at the bottom of the lift for 1 second. Strongman Event/ Conditioning will depend on the equipment that you have available. Sample workouts […]

8 Week Beginner Training Program

With beginners and people that are returning to training after a long break we like to spend the first few weeks of training focusing on the basic compound movements, training exercises such as the squat, bench and deadlift multiple times per week in order to work on form. We usually run a 8 week training […]

3 reasons to train like a strongman/woman

General fitness & strength training has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Bodybuilding and powerlifting along with Crossfit and kettlebell classes have become mainstream and an essential activity for many people. There has been a large emphasis placed on “functional training” but Strongman, a sport which is dedicated to improving your ability to […]

5 tips for intermediate lifters

Keep it simple: You don’t need to do anything fancy like using accommodating resistance (lifting with or against band and chains), barbell and dumbbell work should be your bread and butter. Focus on proven exercises that you can easily track. Don’t sacrifice a PR at the end of a training cycle for the fun of […]

Boulder Shoulders Part 3: Peaking

How we build and peak the overhead press in comp prep As the old saying goes there are many ways to skin a cat just like there are many different methods of building the overhead press. Below im going to outline how we do it for the most part here in Galway Strength and Performance […]