Our 3 favourite squat variations

Adding in variations of the squat, bench press and deadlift can be useful for targeting specific weaknesses, training around injuries and keeping training interesting. The front squat, safety squat bar squat and pause squat are three squat variations we use a lot in our gym. We mostly use a variation squat of the squat as […]

The difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced programs! .

What you’re looking at here is the difference between a beginner, intermediate and competitive lifters program at the 3 week mark on a squat day. As you can see from the photo some of the biggest differences come in the form of volume. Beginners are doing 4×5( 20 total reps) on squats with no weight […]

Train what you’re bad at, not what you’re good at

A lot of people focus their training on the exercises that they like and are strong at. It’s important to incorporate some of the exercises that you do not like. If you are bad at a exercise, e.g. a front squat or incline press, look at what is making you bad that exercise and find […]

How to peak for a 5rm

This post goes through how to set up an 8 week training cycle to peak an exercise for a 5 rep max. We generally divide our training into 4 day Upper/Lower body split so 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. On the first upper body day we would work on some of […]

The key to getting stronger

Long term progress and training for smaller gains is often overlooked by young or inexperienced lifters. Too often people aim for 5 or 10kg gains every training cycle and push their body to their limits in order to meet their goals. This may work in the short-term but you will quickly find yourself getting injured.

Tapering deadlifts for a competition

The importance of building up to your heavy lifts in training over weeks and months then backing off at the right time and tapering into a competition can often separate winners from losers. So often I see people doing a huge grinding deadlift in training a week out from competition and can nearly be certain […]

3 Basic Tips for Beginner Powerlifters

1. Always squat below parallel How many times have you seen lifters in training squatting high and saying ill get depth on the day, then the comp comes around and everything falls apart because you haven’t trained to depth. Stop feeding yourself your own bullshit and train a bit lighter but in the correct manner. Now […]

Deficit Deadlifts

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Galway Strength & Performance (@galwaystrengthandperformance) on Jul 19, 2019 at 12:27pm PDT A deficit deadlift is performed by standing on a mat or plate usually 1 or 2 inches thick when performing the deadlift. It is primarily using for improving speed off the floor because you […]

Advice for your first competition

In my first competition I opened my squat 180kg which was current max at the time and I missed the lift, I managed to get it on the second lift which prevented me from bombing out but it was a less than optimal way to start the day. Pick lifts that you know you can […]

Tips for women and the bench press

Most women don’t have enough volume in their training program when it comes to upper body work. Training upper body 2-4 times a week including lots of delts. biceps, triceps and upper back work can help you build these muscles. Don’t ignore shoulder pressing, it’s a great assistance exercise for the bench press that is often […]