I don’t want to get bulky..

So todays post is debunking the myth that “lifting makes women bulky” It is and always has been a complete load of balls that women get bulky from lifting…we get bulky from over eating, consistent poor diet choices…similarly we remain bulky from the same and in some cases under eating/ inconsistent eating…but that’s a whole […]

Top 3 tips for recovery

1. Eat enough calories/ make good food choices. Eating enough healthy foods will have a massive impact on your recovery. Favour quality foods like steak and rice rather than a load of high calorie junk foods⠀

Stan Efferding: Ten Minute Walks Will Change Your Life

Popularised by Stan Efferding, 10 minute walks can be easily added to your daily ritual, there’s nothing like getting up and starting your day with a brisk walk to get you ready for your day. It has proven time and time again to increase productivity in the workplace, particularly in the morning when it takes […]

10 tips for healthier eating

For the most part, from what I’ve seen around me and from clients coming into the gym most people are driven by losing weight rather than being healthy, leading them to go on fad diets or worse again some form of shake/supplement fueled diet. For years now I’ve been seeing stuff advertised as the new […]