Front Squats for Strongman

The front squat is my favourite squat variation for strongman and it can be done very easily in a commercial gym. A regular front squat with a barbell transfers over to all overhead movements, helps with stones and other loading events. It also carries over to side handle car deadlift. Anyone that has done a […]

Tapering deadlifts for a competition

The importance of building up to your heavy lifts in training over weeks and months then backing off at the right time and tapering into a competition can often separate winners from losers. So often I see people doing a huge grinding deadlift in training a week out from competition and can nearly be certain […]

Training the farmers walk

The Farmers Walk predominantly works the: Upper back and traps Grip strength Core Unilateral leg strength Stability We train the farmers carry just like any other lift. If your max farmers carry is 100kg for 15 metres then you can train it similarly to how you would train using percentages for a 1RM. For example, […]

3 Basic Tips for Beginner Powerlifters

1. Always squat below parallel How many times have you seen lifters in training squatting high and saying ill get depth on the day, then the comp comes around and everything falls apart because you haven’t trained to depth. Stop feeding yourself your own bullshit and train a bit lighter but in the correct manner. Now […]

Deficit Deadlifts

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Galway Strength & Performance (@galwaystrengthandperformance) on Jul 19, 2019 at 12:27pm PDT A deficit deadlift is performed by standing on a mat or plate usually 1 or 2 inches thick when performing the deadlift. It is primarily using for improving speed off the floor because you […]

Advice for your first competition

In my first competition I opened my squat 180kg which was current max at the time and I missed the lift, I managed to get it on the second lift which prevented me from bombing out but it was a less than optimal way to start the day. Pick lifts that you know you can […]

Why we use percentages in our training

Most training programs available online will give some simple progression from week to week such as 3 x 12 in one week and 3 x 10 the following week. Progressions like these do not give you any real idea of what weight you should be using. Basing the weights you use off a percentage of […]

How to get your upper back tight for deadlifts

Not getting your upper back tight enough is a common mistake in the deadlift. Starting the deadlift with a rounded back can make it more difficult to lock out and also increases the risk of injury 2 cues to help you tighten your upper back are: – tuck your shoulder blades into your back pockets […]

Common mistakes in the squat, bench and deadlift

5 Common Squat Mistakes Setting the rack too high Doing too many mobility exercises Walking the bar forward out of the rack Not tucking your elbows Not getting a tight upper back 5 Common Bench Mistakes Not getting tight Pushing elbows wide like a bodybuilder No leg drive Setting the rack too low Not keeping […]

10 Week Intermediate Powerlifting Program

Our Intermediate Powerlifting program is one of the most popular programs in our gym. It focuses on building  strength in the squat, bench, and deadlift. For pause squats and bench press, pause at the bottom of the lift for 1 second. Strongman Event/ Conditioning will depend on the equipment that you have available. Sample workouts […]