How to improve your loading medley

With the loading medley it can be difficult to improve your speed carrying heavy implements. One common mistake I see people make is walking/ jogging back to implements rather than sprinting. By sprinting you can take 3-4 seconds off your time over jogging on a 20 metre course. This can lead to a massive performance […]

Training the farmers walk

The Farmers Walk predominantly works the: Upper back and traps Grip strength Core Unilateral leg strength Stability We train the farmers carry just like any other lift. If your max farmers carry is 100kg for 15 metres then you can train it similarly to how you would train using percentages for a 1RM. For example, […]

How we warm up

Why we warm up with Goblet Squats, KB swings and Band Pull Aparts For the most part your typical gym goer will walk into the gym and begin warming up with an empty bar of the movement they are doing that day. These people will typically end up getting injured down the line if they […]

Stan Efferding: Ten Minute Walks Will Change Your Life

Popularised by Stan Efferding, 10 minute walks can be easily added to your daily ritual, there’s nothing like getting up and starting your day with a brisk walk to get you ready for your day. It has proven time and time again to increase productivity in the workplace, particularly in the morning when it takes […]