During this Covid-19 pandemic that we all still find ourselves in, I’ve had a lot of time to read and research, during my research I’ve come across a crazy amount of poor information and sometimes the good information can be hard to follow if you don’t understand the jargon and its fair enough not to understand it if you’re not in the strength and fitness profession.

Anyway onto some of the best information resources that you should be paying attention to if you want to learn more about training, in no particular order are…

  1. Juggernaut training systems
  2. Starting strength
  3. Squat university

Juggernaut training systems – Chad Wesley Smith puts out great easy to understand information about everything strength training from technique to bracing to programming, along with having guests on the channel speak about other topics such as hypertrophy(Mike Israetel) and mobility(Quinn Henoch). His channel is pretty much a one-stop-shop If you want to learn about training

Starting strength – Mark Rippetoe’s channel makes the cut here for the simplicity of his training and I think he is very easy to understand, sometimes his videos are long but he can go into great detail. If your serious about learning and/or are fairly new to lifting this channel is ideal for you.

Squat University – Aaron Horshig’s channel is all about staying injury-free and fixing mobility/stability issues to get the most out of your potential. Like above he’s easy to follow and explains everything in great detail. A must watch channel if your a strength athlete that wants longevity in this game.

Special mention

Special mentions go to Elitefts, Kabuki, and Mark Bells Supertraining. I really like a lot of the content put out by Elitefts and Kabuki but I find that sometimes people (especially beginners/novices) don’t understand the jargon(as I mentioned above). They are good channels with good information (especially the Kabuki stuff on bracing) but not that easy for everyone to follow. As for Mark Bells Supertaining, it would’ve been my number one channel to follow about 3-4 years ago but has fairly slid down in value the last few years, don’t get me wrong he still puts out some good strength training content but not as much as they use to, his channel is still worth checking out but id recommend scrolling back to 3-4 years ago for an abundance of great content from great lifters.

Matty Costello

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