Xmas Tips

So the festive season is in full swing now, this day week is Xmas day lads!!!

For a lot of us this is a time of year where we generally over indulge and become big old gluttons.

Excess food and alcohol, late nights, couch potatoing and generally doing shag all is quite the norm. Training tends to go out the window or at the very best is half arsed (unless like some of our members you’ve comps coming up)

And indeed why shouldn’t we? For most of us it’s the only time we get to eat all the yummies and spend time visiting friends and relations that we probably haven’t  seen since last year.

So with all that in mind, think about this… 

There are various studies of how much weight the average western adut will gain at xmas (between 1 and 4 kg being the ranges I have spotted) but it’s fairly evident that you’re going to put on some weight if you are indulging as above. Now, thats all well and good for those looking to bulk or gain weight but it can be pretty detrimental to those of us looking to maintain or lose weight.

So I have put together a few common sense tips to help you get through xmas and new year without doing the absolute dog on it and sabotaging all your hard work leading in to the festive period.

It will also make it a little easier for those of you who are resolutioners.The mindset of “I’m going to go all out now and then knuckle down in January” is all well and good except you may have 3kg extra to be fighting with come January 1st….


  1. Deprivation– Don’t deprive yourself. Probably one of the worst things you could do because it’s going to make you miserable and most likely make everyone else around you miserable. Which can lead to no2.
  2. Emotion– Stress levels can run riot over the festive season. Give yourself a break and some head space. Go for a walk and relax. Stress levels can cause a whole lot of issues with your metabolism but also lead to emotional over or under eating.
  3. Moderation– A little of what you want rather than a lot or all  and spread it over the day/s. Pace yourself, whether it be the roses tin or the wine!
  4. Procrastination-Don’t wait for the New Year. Don’t say “I’ll start tomorrow”. Start right now by being aware of what your eating and how much activity you are doing.
  5. Sedimentationthe process of settling or being deposited as a sediment. That’s you there on the couch now over Xmas!! Don’t settle,don’t be a sediment. (because sedentary didn’t fit in with my theme of -tion 😀 ) If you normally train, at the very least keep ticking over with light work outs and if you don’t normally train get yourself up and out for a walk each day.
  6. Hydration– With the extra food and alcohol you need to drink more water. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger…also your metabolism will not work efficiently if you are dehydrated. Plus it should reduce the hangover meaning you’ll be able to adult and less likely to eat shite and make better choices
  7. Substitution-Do substitute where at all possible.Make healthier choices.This can go across the board from food to alcohol.

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