So todays post is debunking the myth that “lifting makes women bulky”

It is and always has been a complete load of balls that women get bulky from lifting…we get bulky from over eating, consistent poor diet choices…similarly we remain bulky from the same and in some cases under eating/ inconsistent eating…but that’s a whole other post!! Anyway, here are some very valid reasons as to why women should incorporate some form of strength/resistance training into their fitness regime.

None of which include bulking up or getting bulky as an outcome!!

1.Fat loss

Lifting weights builds lean muscle. More muscle burns more fat. women are actually more likely to lose inches as a result of strength training, not gain them.

2. Shape & Tone

Strength training also allows you to build muscle where you need to.Genetics aren’t the only factor in your body’s shape—you can control your shape through regular resistance training! Building that booty and giving you all the curves and in all the right directions…and reducing wobbly bits.

3.Enhance your mood and reduce stress.

Exercise causes chemicals called endorphins to be released. These are feel good hormones that raise your mood and help reduce pain with their analgesic effect. Lifting weight is also a really good way to tire yourself out and de-stress the mind.

4.Gain strength and more energy.

Day to day activities such as lifting kids and moving furniture, your job if it has manual elements and even just to be able to open the jam jar. All these require a good level of strength and fitness to prevent common injuries, aches and pains. Being more active will boost lagging energy levels as you wont tire as quickly so increasing your stamina.

5.Reduce your risk of injury,back and joint pain as you age.

When you train properly you increase the strength of the muscles and tendons supporting these areas. In both men and women strength training stimulates the release of human growth hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. This is particularly helpful for those of us over 30 as muscle starts to deteriorate from our 30’s on.

6.Improve your athletic performance.

If you play a sport or have a specific activity that has a competitive element, strength training will definitely improve your endurance, power, time etc. When applied correctly. More and more clubs are coming round to this way of thinking and have introduced S&C programs into their training protocol.

7.Reduce the risk of disease.

Heart disease, osteoperosis and many other diseases/conditions can be rapidly reduced if not avoided by including weight training in your regime. It also increases insulin sensitivity, which helps control blood sugar and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

8.Can help to regulate the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen especially as we get older.

Women commonly produce less estrogen as they grow older, which can increase the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and general hormone dysregulation.

Strength training has been shown to stimulate production of these sex hormones and help rebalance them.

9. Confidence, empowerment and a sense of accomplishment.

When you realise how strong you actually are and how it makes you feel you will seriously wonder why you waited so long to start!! Most of the women I have trained walk in believing they are weak, unable, incapable, not supposed to etc…they generally walk out by the 2nd session amazed at what they have achieved just by being encouraged to try.

So women folk…stop procrastinating..the facts are up there..plenty of scientific research as well to back this up if you want to go google, I have just kept it simple..because it is simple. Weight training is good for you and wont make you bulky.

Still don’t believe me?? Check out 5 of our female clients/athletes and tell me where the bulk is.

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