My name is Ayshea Ullah and I have been strength training for the past (almost) 6 years and competing for the past 5 years .
I initially started out doing Crossfit which led me into Powerlifting and then into Strongwoman.

I didn’t envisage that I’d ever be as successful a strength athlete as I have become and I had zero interest in any kind of weight training in the beginning.

I played sport at school and tried to remain as active as possible after leaving school, eventually starting taekwondo in my mid twenties which I kept up until my early 30s.

I initially lifted with the IDFPA. During those 2 years I broke many national and international records and won pretty much all of the competitions I entered.

I was also the first woman in Ireland to deadlift 200kg in a tested federation…showing it could be done. I have gone on to break that record several times over.
I went on to become the first female in Ireland to squat over 200kg as well…and again I’ve since broken that record.

I am 3x irelands strongest woman
2nd strongest woman in Britain 2018
Ranked no1 female lifter in AIPO with highest wilks.
Hold the heaviest raw squat (230)and deadlift (220)and biggest total 540 in Irish history in a tested federation.
My numbers are as follows:

Squat: 230
Bench: 90
Deadlift: 220

Log 85
Axle 80
Deadlift 245
Stone 130
All are Irish records

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