The front squat is my favourite squat variation for strongman and it can be done very easily in a commercial gym.

A regular front squat with a barbell transfers over to all overhead movements, helps with stones and other loading events.

It also carries over to side handle car deadlift. Anyone that has done a side handle car deadlift knows that your quads are on fire after doing it. The front squat is a quad dominant exercise so it carries over to it very well.

When I started strongman I had a poor deadlift but could beat better deadlifters because I was a much stronger squatter than them.

You can train the front squat as the main exercise or an assistance exercise in your workout. Below is a sample 7 week off-season cycle.

Week Goblet Squat Squat Front Squat Sldl
1 4×10 60-65% 4×8 3×8 3×8
2 4×11 65-70% 3×8-10 3×8 3×8
3 4×12 70-75% 3×8 3×6 3×10
4 4×13 75-80% 3×5-6 3×6 4×10
5 4×14 85% X 3 4×6 3×8
6 4×15 None 3×4 3×8(7/10 Effort)
7 4×16 None Heavy Triple 3×6


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