The importance of building up to your heavy lifts in training over weeks and months then backing off at the right time and tapering into a competition can often separate winners from losers.

So often I see people doing a huge grinding deadlift in training a week out from competition and can nearly be certain that they wont get that lift or close to it in competition because they wont be fully recovered in time and its very frustrating to watch because you can see more potential in them.

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In this video you’ll see Conor pulling a 300kg reverse band deadlift as his last heavy deadlift before competition which was 23 days out from competition.

His last few weeks look like this:

23 days out: 95% x 1 deadlift followed by max reverse band deadlift
16 days out: 8 sets x 3 reps @ 60% (Speed work)
9 days out: 80% x 1 deadlift
5 days out: 30% 3 sets x 8 reps

*This is not followed up with more volume or lift variation for Conor although it might for some athletes.

Nearly looks to easy, right!? What you have to remember is that at this stage of a competiton prep there isnt much else you can do to get stronger. The work is done and now its time to recover fully and be ready for competition day.

If you are not fully recovered you will not be able to display your strength to its full potential!

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