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Training the farmers walk

The Farmers Walk predominantly works the:

  • Upper back and traps
  • Grip strength
  • Core
  • Unilateral leg strength
  • Stability

We train the farmers carry just like any other lift. If your max farmers carry is 100kg for 15 metres then you can train it similarly to how you would train using percentages for a 1RM.

For example, 80% x 4 would be 80kg x 60m total distance. This distance should broken down into multiple sets ideally 4-6 sets.

Other exercises that help:

  • Static farmer holds
  • Hanging from a pullup bar with just your finger tips for time, you can add some weight using a dip belt for increased difficulty
  • Hercules holds
  • Making sure that your forearm muscles aren’t very tight. Don’t forget your extensors, this can make a significant difference to grip strength.

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