1. Always squat below parallel

How many times have you seen lifters in training squatting high and saying ill get depth on the day, then the comp comes around and everything falls apart because you haven’t trained to depth. Stop feeding yourself your own bullshit and train a bit lighter but in the correct manner. 
Now in the grand scheme of a training cycle is one or two high squats going to ruin your prep? Absolutely not! This is mainly aimed at people who are squatting high week in and week out.

2. Practice the pause in the bench at least once a week.

Just like the squat I’ve seen loads of people saying they can bench this and that but when it comes to a comp and pausing the lift there numbers are way back. Practice the pause enough and it becomes second nature, my pause bench is probably bigger than my touch and go bench at this stage.

3. Never touch and go deadlifts or worse bounce them!

By killing it dead once again like the other two lifts your practicing the competition movement and re-enforcing your start position which in turn makes you stronger from that position. I worked with one lifter in particular who claimed a 180kgx8 deadlift yet could only pull 190kg for 1. I asked him to show me his deadlifts and there it was, touch and go every rep. All I had him do was deadstop them, within weeks he was pulling over 200kg.

Seems simple but so many people get it wrong! You could go one further and have your training partner or coach give competition commands to really get you use to what’s to come at competition.

Give it a go and I assure you you’ll be much better off on the day of a competition.

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Some of the beginners from @galwaystrengthandperformance that were ready to test at the end of there 8 week training cycle under the watchful eye of myself and @ayshea510kg #Repost @galwaystrengthandperformance Some snippets of our beginner powerlifters at the end of there programme all hitting pb’s! Beginner classes are ongoing and you can join anytime. PM for details ? #galwaypowerlifting #galway #galwaycity #galwayfitfam

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