In my first competition I opened my squat 180kg which was current max at the time and I missed the lift, I managed to get it on the second lift which prevented me from bombing out but it was a less than optimal way to start the day. Pick lifts that you know you can hit and don’t set any craze expectations for yourself. Try to enjoy the day and learn from the experience.

90-92% of your max is ideal for your opener, this will allow you to hit a relatively heavy weight with good technique without it being too stressful.
The 96-97% range is good for your second attempt and 100% for your third.

Then next time you compete expect to hit small PBs. As you gain more experience competing and become less nervous/ anxious you can start aiming for bigger PBs.

Don’t weight cut for your first competition, even if you are 0.4kg over weight the week before the competition. Your first time is all about gaining experience, a few years down the line you will realise that your first competition means nothing in the grand scheme of things!

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