Popularised by Stan Efferding, 10 minute walks can be easily added to your daily ritual, there’s nothing like getting up and starting your day with a brisk walk to get you ready for your day. It has proven time and time again to increase productivity in the workplace, particularly in the morning when it takes most people the guts of their first work hour to wake up.

Before work, on your lunch break, after work or before bed, it really doesn’t matter when you do it as long as you start getting it done! If your not already doing this it will make a significant difference to start!

Even two 10 minute walks a day can make a big difference (although the more the merrier), if you usually don’t do it, it adds up to 20 minutes every day and over 2 hours every week that you weren’t doing before.  It could be as easy as parking your car a 10 minute walking distance away from work and forcing yourself to get it in that way. Some of the benefits include reducing stress, better productivity, improved heart and circulation health, improved blood pressure, increase lung capacity and aids weight loss.

More info
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