For the most part, from what I’ve seen around me and from clients coming into the gym most people are driven by losing weight rather than being healthy, leading them to go on fad diets or worse again some form of shake/supplement fueled diet.

For years now I’ve been seeing stuff advertised as the new best way to lose weight or seeing that you must cut out a certain food type such as carbs or fats to lose weight or just as bad, people trying to lose weight on extremely low calorie diets. This is not the best way lose weight or sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of you may look at this and think but I need/want to lose weight and that’s fair enough but have you ever thought of it this way, a healthy body is a lean body, regardless of body weight.

  1. Avoid processed foods (If you can’t kill it or grow it don’t eat it).
  2. You should never be hungry, eat if you are.
  3. Snack on as much fruit as you like (avoid too much dried fruit)
  4. Snack on natural nuts if you like
  5. Drink at least 2l of water per day.
  6. Eat a minimum of 4 meals per day (Example: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner)
  7. Plan/prep your meals, if your going away for the day such as a long trip plan your  meals so that your not left hungry and getting easy on the go processed foods.
  8. Aim for a volume of 50% of veg on your dinner and lunch plates.
  9. Keep a food diary and review it weekly to see where you went wrong and where you could’ve gone better.
  10. Have 1 earned (cheat meal) meal per week if wanted to enjoy an occasion or relax with, but you need to earn it by sticking to your diet all week or completing another worthy task of choice.

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