How we build and peak the overhead press in comp prep

As the old saying goes there are many ways to skin a cat just like there are many different methods of building the overhead press. Below im going to outline how we do it for the most part here in Galway Strength and Performance and with most of our online clients in a 10 week training cycle. For simplicity well say this is a programme in prep for a max overhead press.

Week 1-4

In the phase of training we will put an emphasis on regaining and practising technique with the overhead movements that are coming up in the competition and building muscle in our weaker areas. It usually consists of two pressing day one being a push day, the other being a strict pressing day which could be seated, standing, barbell, dumbbells or even a bench variation as the main movement, its all depending on the person and what they need.

Week 5-7

In this phase we will reduce our overall volume and still stick with the 2 days that we were already doing but we start doing 2 push press days and put a little less emphasis on strict pressing.

Some of you may wonder why we are doing push variations of a lift that’s not listed as a comp event on our second press day? Well it can happen and I’ve seen it happen alot where a promoter changes an event in the lead up to the competition or you arrive at the competition to be told that an event has changed, its not ideal but it can happen so we like to be ready for it by training many different implements in the lead up to the competition. A good strongman should be able for anything that’s thrown his or her way!

week 8-10

This being the final phase of training with just 2 training weeks and a deload week on week 10 we get very specific, dropping all press variation that is not overhead and only using the competition implement for our push exercise in hopes that events dont change now, but even if they do change it wont be that long after using other implements and we will still be technically proficient in them.

I hope this gives you guys a better idea of how we peak our overhead press and it can help you out with your training.

If you have any follow on questions please feel free to send us a message!

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