First of a series of articles on building your static lifts and some moving events for strongman.

The over head press tends to either be the bane of your existence or one of your favourite lifts, it usually depends on whether or not your good at it.

Anyway, lets not delay anymore and get into it!


This one I cant stress enough! Whether its the Log, Axle, Dumbbell press or any other press variation good technique is a must. Everything from the pick to the press, the dip to the drive, from the feet to the shoulders  needs to be right. If one of these are off you wont be pressing to your maximum potential!!

Some of the most common areas I see mistakes in are the clean(especially on log), leg drive and poor arm positioning at rack position. I’ve done some videos in the past on the log press and leg drive which I will link below.

When it comes to building technique for overhead pressing variations i would stick with multiple sets (4-8) and a 1-3 rep range at around 70-85%. It could look something like this.

Week 1: 70-75% 8×3,

Week 2: 75-80% 5×3,

Week 3: 80-85% 4×2

Week 4: Heavy triple leaving 1 (rep in the tank),

Week 5: 70% 3×3 (Deload)

and repeat on for as long as needed…

A very simple progression model here having you do a heavy triple on week 4, the main aim of this triple is to see if your technique has improved under heavy load or strain. Id strongly advise recording this and many of your sets during the programme to watch your technique so that you can see mistakes or improvements.

*This is just a progression for the main pressing movement, always follow this up with plenty of supplemental and accessory movements.

Remember guys get your technique right and the strength will follow!

If you have any follow on questions please feel free to send us a message!

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