I don’t know if it’s just becoming more frequent or if I’m just becoming more intolerant but the rise of PTs/trainers offering different kinds of technical training with little or no understanding of a particular sport is really beginning to f*@k me off.
It’s one thing for a prospective athlete or novice to post videos that arent technically great. I would probably actually PM you and offer advice, up to you from there what you do with it.
But to see a PT posting videos of clients that they’re training or people they’re helping and the technique/form is just horrific, is on a whole different level.
So, rather than just call out these people because it just doesn’t work, And people just get precious, I’m going to give folk some advice:-

1. Research
If you want to learn how to do something correctly, research it. Trawl the internet. Find the top 10 or most consistent winners in that sport and watch them. Listen to them. Read about them. Then mess around and see how you can adapt what they do to suit you.

2. ‘Résúme’ of advice givers
People will always be willing to give there 50c worth. Some people will be really kind and offer to teach you and let you use their equipment. THATS AWESOME. As long as they know what the f@#k they are at. Powerlifting and strongman is extremely technical, particularly when you are a beginner and want to build a good solid foundation and not buckle yourself.
So, if you’re going to get help from someone, check their knowledge base first but more importantly do they have experience? Have they competed at a decent level? Have they trained people successfully at a high level?

I have powerlifted for 5yrs and trained strongwoman the past 18mths…and I compete on an international level at both. Doesn’t mean I know everything, I am constantly learning, as should all good coaches and athletes. So yes I do have an authority to give out about this ?

PTs if you want to be able to offer powerlifting /strongman training/specific strength & conditioning …go and learn properly first. I don’t just mean attend a seminar, listen to a podcast and maybe do a novice comp. Actually learn. Follow the same 2 damn steps that I have noted above.
At some point you will get called out and trolled but more seriously your clients are going to get injured and that’s bollox. Don’t be that asshole. And if you’re not willing to invest that much in your business and don’t have that respect for your clients, don’t bloody offer your services for anything other than PT at a level you are familiar with. Rant over ?

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